Happy Customers

Here are just a very few of the hundreds of testimonials we received for our graduates delivering their service direct to the customers ...

Miss K, house transformation -  It wouldn't have been possible to complete the renovation project on schedule without the stylist's extraordinary efforts and flexibility. In particular, she transformed an awkward study into one of the house's main selling features.

Ms A, house stuck on the market with no offers - "The house went on the market on Tuesday and we have accepted an offer today for the asking price. This for a house that would not sell no matter how much we dropped the price. THANK YOU very much indeed."

Mr A, house SOLD  within 5 days of staging - "I'm amazed it sold so quickly, this is phenomenal - good work!"

Mr & Mrs A, house stuck on the market for THREE YEARS - "We wish we had heard of Home Staging 3 years ago, that's all we can say" "...you have done us proud, its such a transformation, we can't believe it" "You all worked so hard and we can't thank you enough for all your efforts"

Mr B, Landlord - "Well done! excellent job. I achieved a much higher rental figure as a result of your work"

Ms H, put home on the market after staging - " you were excellent. Many thanks for your time and patience and particularly your skill. The bathroom is just so much better than I envisaged. We employed you at a time when I was really stressed about the whole project. Nothing was a problem and you took the time to provide a real wow factor to the home when I would have agreed to something really basic. The new bathroom makes a real difference to the whole house. The contractors you recommended, were superb and I felt totally confident in their ability and skills. Thank you."

CLS Care Services, Property Develooper - "we are very happy with the show home - a 2 bed retirement apartment - and will definitely use Home Staging again when doing our next development. "

Ardmore Construction, Property Developer - "we used Home Staging for a 4 bed house. Delighted with the service and went on to purchase the whole design interior. Property sold within 4 and a half months. "

Globe Developments, Property Developer - had a block of 28 apartments, They sold one property during December, within 2 weeks of the installation and were delighted as they didn't expect to sell any before the New Year.

Trinity Square Developments - staged an Art Deco 3 bed apartment. The developer was delighted with her property. It sold fast.

B&C Developments - were selling a 2 bed bungalow in Cheam, London. Very happy with the show home which sold after staging over the Xmas period. Will use home staging again.