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How to increase a home's value by $20,000 in just ONE DAY!

Faced with the prospect of selling a house in a brand new village, being in competition with brand new houses is bad enough.

But add to this a St Bernard Dog, a small child and the early stages of pregnancy.

Not really the easiest way to prepare to sell a house and to move.

The client was worried that the dog may put people off. Even if she did get the dog looked after at the times of the viewing, to compete with the show houses meant keeping the place in prestigious condition, sometimes at very short notice, was very stressful.

With all this in mind she decided to move the family out of the property and call in the professionals, and a home staging stylist visited the property to draw up a plan of action, including.

  • detailed instructions for the painter - specifying new colours and showing areas that required repainting and touching up.
  • jobs list to bring the garden up to scratch and enhance the out door space.
  • a detailed furniture and soft furnishings staging plan to show the property to its absolute best and create the WOW factor.

On the project day the family moved out, the painter and the gardener moved in followed by the carpet fitter.

Then the stylist arrived with the show home furniture to complete the staging transformation. The house was furnished from top to bottom in one day to a show home standard, even cleaning the front door and replacing the door mat for that overall first impression.

The client was very impressed with the result and the attention to detail and felt that it had been money well spent. The house was ready to go.

The real estate agents revalued the home at $20,000 more than an identical house (despite the other house having a summer conservatory and other extras).

Source: Home Staging Academy