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Staging vs. Interior Decoration - what's the Difference?

I'm often asked if there is really any difference between interior decorating and staging their homes ready for sale after all, the basic design elements are much the same for instance, proportion, scale, colourways and so on? 

Well, my answer is - "the difference is the target audience for which the refurbishment or redecoration is intended!"

When you decorate, you are furnishing and accessorising the room to fit in with YOUR personal taste and lifestyle

By contrast, staging is about putting together a design which is intended for a HOME BUYER whose taste and lifestyle you don't know in detail. So you need to imagine what the home buyer would  like to see and fit it in with what your house or apartment is like!

When staging a home for sale, the focus is on your potential buyers: who they are, and what will most likely appeal to them.  

Staging highlights the best features of your home, glosses over any less positive aspects, and by careful choice of colours and accessories (not blandness!) appeals to the greatest number of buyers.

Interior decorating can be viewed as a luxury, but home staging is a vital necessity that helps your home sell for the maximum possible price, fast.

So, when you walk into a staged home, don't be disappointed if it's not completely furnished or decorated like a show home!

 Stylishly staged contemporary apartment.


Staging is all about showcasing your home's best features to make sure potential buyers will notice them.

A well-staged home will also give buyers a sense of the possibilities of how they can live in the home, by defining different areas (living, dining, study, family relaxation etc).

The goal is to maximize the marketing potential of the property, by using the techniques of home staging along with elements of interior decorating.


Source: Home Staging Academy