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Small is Beautiful - Beatiful Ideas for Very Small Homes

It doesn't matter whether you are in the city or in the wilderness, smaller and more  efficient homes are growing in popularity.

Home design innovations are making it possible to make the smallest space, comfortable and cosy places to live, and relax.

From tiny urban spaces to mobile homes that can be parked wherever you stop.

Clever innovations and environmentally efficient homes with low heating and lighting costs are giving these tiny spaces unprecedented appeal. 

Here's just a few beautiful tiny spaces collated from around the web.


Tiny Victorian Cottage makes for a gorgeous creative studio

This romantic little cottage is set by a stream in the Catskills New York.

Measuring only 125 square foot it is the creative studio of Sandy Foster.

Sandy uses her studio to create soothing shabby French Nordic decor and does antique rose gardening along with her three dogs and eleven hens


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Ambitious Project to turn billboards into tiny homes for the homeless

This is project Gregory an ambitious idea in Slovakia which aims to use billboard advertising space as homes for the homeless.

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Container Homes

This Container Home in Savannah, Georgia, is made up of two shipping containers joined by a window space. The exposed beams, metal ceilings, fans, & track lighting gives it a  contemporary industrial feel.

Operating container doors, sliding glass doors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and wrap-around decking provides access to garden views and outdoor living.

Perfect as an artist’s cottage, retirement cottage, guest cottage, or vacation cottage for one or two people.

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How about making your home in a School Bus?

As part of his architecure Masters Final Project, Hank decided to buy an old school bus from Craigslist and convert it into a highly flexible, functional and comfortable home from home.

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Source: Home Staging Academy