Tina's Top Ten Tips for the start of the year - preparing your home staging business for the year ahead

Tina's Top Ten Tips for preparing your home staging business for the year aheadTina's Top Ten Tips for the beginning of the year.

How to get your home staging business ready for the busy home staging season ahead.

Watch the video, or read the transcript below, of Tina's Facebook Live video for getting your home staging business ready for the year ahead. 

Tina's Top Ten Tips for preparing your home staging business for the year ahead

Hi there! This is Tina from the Home Staging Academy. I’m going to be doing a series of these little Facebook Lives on various items as we go through the year, so do stay tuned for the next ones as they come along.


But today, I thought it would be really good if we came up with a few hints and tips for you to get yourselves ready for the New Year.

January and February typically in home staging does tend to be a little bit quieter, but it's the perfect time to get yourself ready for the new year.

And I’ve actually come up with ten tips. So I just sat down and thought about what are the ten things that I would do in January, to get myself ready for the new year.

1. Check out Trends and Colours for the Year

Textures, we had metallics for a while, we’ve had bright colours, we’ve had muted colours.

What are the colours of the year for your country. Now, obviously Home Staging Academy does go out to a worldwide audience, and Britain has different trends to America, which has different trends to say Scandinavia, which is perhaps a bit more minimalist. So have a look at your colour trends for the year.

What are going to be your accent colours that you’re really going to focus on this year when you do a staging project? It’s really important to know so that you’re very much on trend and on point.

2. Check out Events for the Year

Now here in Indianapolis, in America, we actually have our annual Home Show, and there will be a Model Home, or Show Home. Go and check out local events like a home show, if you have something like that going on at the moment. If not, go and have a look around model homes, or show homes, and get some ideas.

I always like to think like this, think those magazines that you see, the fashion magazines, maybe those articles that say “here’s the designer catwalk look for thousands of dollars, but what's the High Street look equivalent going to be?

Because, obviously when we’re home staging we’re not wanting to spend thousands, and thousands, and thousands of dollars, we’re trying to do things on a budget. So that, we’re really inspiring people to take action and we’re looking at a lower cost option.

So get the inspiration from the home shows, or from the magazines, or from the model homes and then look at how you can get the same “Look” on the High Street for a lower cost.

3. Winter Sales

And while we’re talking of High Street, this is a great time to check out the sales in your local stores.

Stock up on things like lights and pillows, cushions and throws. Now if you keep the colour choice neutral it will work with any scheme. You can always add in those splashes of colour on trend a little bit later as you go through the year and you start to develop more seasonal colours. But now is a really good time to get those bargains. You can get 30, 50, even 70% off in some outlets. So go and have a look and do some shopping!

4. Reach out to Realtors / Estate Agents

Another thing that I wanted to mention, as well is reaching out to realtors.

See what events they are planning throughout the year. See if you can get a booth or do a talk at one of their monthly association meetings. I found that really helpful. Do it at the beginning of the year, then you can plan out your year, and you can get ahead of the curve, rather than panicking, when it’s like “oh! It’s in a week!”.

Let’s plan it ahead and have a whole schedule throughout the year, so that you’re doing something, and you’re planning to do it well ahead of time.

5. Let's Talk about Talks

And while we’re talking of talking about talks, one suggestions would be to create a series of 12 talk topics.

Where you have one topic for each month, where you can make it seasonal. You can then approach event planners, local property groups, libraries, associations, realtor groups, real estate agent groups. Because they’re always looking to book speakers.

So have a look at trying to put twelve topics together. If you can’t start with twelve, start with one or two, that’s how I started my speaking career. But if you can get up to twelve then you have something to offer each month, each month can be seasonal, and you can weave in something relevant for each of those months that go by. And they may even book you for the whole twelve months.

And, don’t just do it for free! Charge!

Charge for your time. Make sure you do charge a speaker’s fee for doing it.

Make it maybe 45 minutes, with 15 minutes for questions at the end.

Speaking is an amazing platform for establishing yourself as an expert in your area, and for leveraging connections and getting yourself well known in your area. And that’s the important thing.

What we do at the Home Staging Academy is give you all these hints and tips at an international level, but also give you those tips to actually take it so that YOU can be the expert in your local area. YOU are then the go to staging professional.

6. Revamp your Website

Also look at revamping your web page. 

Revamp your web page, and update your website with the pictures you’ve taken recently. You might not have got round to it by now, but go through your portfolio of pictures. Make sure you get those on your website.

Also, ask for written testimonials.

You might not have done that through the year, but reach out to those people that you have already done work with and ASK for written for testimonials. And even video testimonials. They are the most powerful of all, if you can actually get a little video testimonial. It doesn’t have to be difficult, you can do it on the day of the reveal, and just do it on your phone. We've got the technology now, it’s really really simple to do that.

If you spend time on your website now, when things are a bit slower, this will pay dividends, as people start to line up at your front door, because you are their local home stager of choice.

7. Be Seen

Book your seat at the next national realtor event, with a view to being seen.

Meeting people, understanding the challenges of realtors and home selling agents, this opportunity is absolutely priceless. So go and have a look at your own national realtor meetings, or real estate meetings, home seller meetings, in your particular country, and get yourself along to that, it’s well worth the investment.

8. Get Videoing

Add a video to your front page of your website, with a signup form, and what we call “an irresistible free offer”.

That could be as simple as “How to stage your home, to help you actually sell your property for more money, more quickly.” Which is what people are often wanting to get help and advice on.

This helps to build your newsletter list, and that way you’re sending out regular emails, keeping people informed, keeping YOU in front of mind. So when they are ready and in a position to sell, you will be their goto expert on getting their house ready for sale.

9. Give your Staging Inventory a Makeover

Give away things to charity that are worn. Throw away your broken items. Buy new light bulbs. Maybe make room for all those sale items that you’ve gone out and purchased because it’s the January sales.

Keep them organised now, that will save you lots of time later, when you start to need to use your inventory.

10 Give Yourself a Makeover

Treat yourself to a haircut and a makeover.

Do your makeup and go and get some new headshot photographs. And use them on your business card. So that people remember you, and know you, and can put a face to name, and a name to the face. That can be really helpful when you start doing your networking.

It's a Wrap

So those are tina’s top ten tips for things to do this January. Some of those things you may already be doing anyway. If there’s one or two things in there that you haven’t thought of , or you haven’t done for a while, get those done. You’ve still got a week or so to catch up on what you need to be doing in January, so that you’re set up in a really good position for the rest of 2018 and good luck with everything.

Last but by no means least - Top up your Skills & Knowledge 

Of course, it’s always a good time to make sure you’re up to speed with all your trainings, and all your knowledge, so keep coming back to Home Staging Academy and Home Staging Secrets.

If you haven’t taken up our offers yet, please sign up. We'll be having more and more business material that will be coming online through 2018 so we can do a really big deep dive in some of the things that we’ve talked about today.

Anyway, have a great day and Happy Staging. See you now. Bye, bye.