Decluttering for Professional Home Stagers - Training Course

HSA DeclutterDecluttering for Professional Home Stagers - Training Course

A room cleared of clutter makes the room appear bigger, more relaxed and inviting, and more attractive to a buyer.

Decluttering for the Professional Home Stager introduces you Decluttering and Depersonalization of a home and how it is applied when staging a home for sale.

Our homes are overflowing with clutter, often our solution is to move to bigger homes but the clutter continues to remain. You can clean a room dozens of times but if you do not examine the clutter it will continue to multiply.

A home cleared of the seller's personality is easier for buyers to imagine their lifestyle in their future home.

This course is for YOU if you are ....

... interested in establishing a home staging career

... thinking of launching your own professional home staging business,

... an interior designer wanting to offer home staging,

... a real estate agent wishing to augment your services,

... a home owner

... property investor or landlord

... a home styling enthusiast.


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Decluttering for Professional Home Stagers