Five fantastic reasons why YOU should enroll with the Home Staging Academy


So you're ready for a career change, you fancy becoming a home stager, you've seen these fantastic one week programmes for thousands of dollars, plus flight, plus accommodation, plus this, plus that, plus, plus, plus.

Don't despair here's five fantastic reasons why the Home Staging Academy might just be for you.



1. You will learn from Jillian Hinds-Williams & Tina Jesson who created the UK's first home staging business and expanded their business on a national scale

Jillian and Tina's roots aren't just in the delivery of training or the academic theory of home staging.

They have done business on a national scale, had associations with leading brand names such as Crown Paints, Redrow Homes and the BBC Good Home Show and appeared on numerous TV shows including BBC's How to Survive the Property Crisis, Downsize Me and ITV's prestigious Tonight with Trevor McDonald.

Jillian Hinds-Williams

Their business won a number of awards including being finalists for the Entrepreneur of the 

Tina Jesson

Year, Business Growth Strategy of the Year and Small Business of the Year.

Jilian is a Fellow of the Insitute of Scientific and Technical Communicators, and has been developing training programmes for over 20 years.

Tina is a Professional Trainer & Speaker and presents at numerous business and property related events around the world; is a member of the Institute of Marketing and Association of Small Businesses and has a track record for gaining massive PR and Visibility for the businesses she has owned.



 2. You will learn about real life scenarios

Your trainers have worked with 1000s of businesses and helped thousands of  home owners worldwide. 

They know that home staging really works -  and will show you how to stay at the leading edge when it comes to making a business out of styling and staging property!



 3. Your trainers have been in the home staging business since 1995

Jillian Hinds-Williams and Tina Jesson personally developed all the Home Staging Academy  training content from over 20 years of International experience, case studies and success strategies that have worked in the real world and they will share their training with you, that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.



 4. You will learn the fundamentals of home staging

The Art of Professional Home Staging training programme covers the fundamental principles of home staging:

  • Free Course introducing you to Home Staging - This free course is an introduction to the concept of Home Staging and is aimed at anyone interested in the art of home staging, and anyone wishing to understand the basic principles of staging your house for sale.
  • Color Planning - Understanding color is a basic requirement for anyone considering professional home staging as a career or business.
  • Space Planning & Feng Shui - Understanding space management is a basic requirement for anyone considering professional home staging as a career or business.
  • Importance of Lighting- Understanding light is a basic requirement for anyone considering professional home staging as a career or business.
  • Key strategies for Decluttering- A room cleared of clutter makes the room appear bigger, more relaxed and inviting, and more attractive to a buyer.
  • The art and science of Accessorizing - Accessorizing is the final step in the home staging process, and is an essential skill for a professional home stager. When you have taken out all the clutter and don't want the room to look bare, through accessorizing you coordinate the room by adding colour. Well-chosen accessories balance the room, define it's function, portray a lifestyle, and enhance a home's desirability.
  • Fundamental Photography skills a professional Home Stager needs - Taking good photos is an essential skill for a professional home stager. Being able to take great photographs of your work will help YOU to build a top quality portfolio, which is both a valuable record of your work, and a show piece for your talent.
  • Handling Client Consultations - Properties are easy, clients can be challenging. A home stager may encounter some difficult and stressful client situations. This vital course looks at why client situations can be difficult and how to handle them with tact and diplomacy.You will learn strategies to help you cope in the most extraordinary of situations.

These key subjects will equip you to stage any property large or small.



 5. You Can Learn Anytime, Anyplace, Affordable and Accessible

OK so this is another FOUR reasons:

Anytime and Anyplace

  • NO Classrooms - your classroom is on your phone, on you tablet, on your laptop, even on your smart TV
  • NO Timezones - online courses available 24/7 whatever timezone you're on
  • NO Deadlines - Take the course and do the actions when you able to fit it into your current lifestyle
  • NO Exams - Online quizzes can be taken when you are in the right frame of mind
  • NO Pressure - Sometimes life just gets in the way. Take a break, start again. Study at your own pace with lifetime access. 

Affordable and Accessible

  • NO Travel - You don't need to travel to the other side of the country or even to another country.
  • NO Books - everything is digital, access on your PC, you digital TV, your tablet, your phone.
  • NOT $THOUSANDS£! - Spread the cost with an affordable payment plan, or get a discount if you pay in one installment, as well as a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.


You can't afford to miss this opportinity, you know you want to take advantage of this opportunity.

Don't procrastinate - take action now.

Source: Home Staging Academy